ACHIEVE is a leading UK-based FA Licensed agency for professional footballers, managers and coaches. The company was founded by James and Dave Garley in 2011. Our offices are in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England.

Who are achieve?

We represent a number of players, managers and coaches and, during the summer of 2012, heavily participated in our first multi-million pound transfer by brokering the move of South Korean international Kim Bo-Kyung to Cardiff City for £3 million.  Our client base is growing steadily, partly due to our existing clients recommending us to fellow professionals.  Since forming, ACHIEVE has successfully secured clubs and negotiated contracts for many players over the years at all levels of the game from the Premier League and Football League down to the National League and has become a well-known and respected name in the industry.

We possess a huge database of contacts for all 92 English Premiership and Football League clubs, plus National League, National League North and National League South and all Scottish clubs – as well as contacts abroad.


So, how do we make our money?  Well, obviously we are a business and we don’t work for free, but in the vast majority of cases we receive our money from the Football Club when we move a player. When a player is transferred from one club to another, the buying club will negotiate the playing contract with us, the agent. Upon the player signing for the club, the buying club will usually pay a fee to the agency.

In most instances, the buying club will pay this fee as a benefit to the player via a form called an AG1.  This occurs under a clause called a P11D Benefit (payment paid by the Football Club to the authorised agent on behalf of the player as a benefit in kind).

Fundamentally, our representation contracts are written to protect the client from unscrupulous terms, i.e. to offer honest, clear conditions.  Our representation contracts are checked independently by the English Football Association when signed, then ratified to ensure they comply with The FA’s regulations and code of conduct.  The FA endorsed copies are then sent by The FA to the client and the ACHIEVE agency for their records.

In summary, there really is nothing for a player to lose by having an agent, which is why virtually every professional footballer has one these days!  However, we at ACHIEVE endeavour to perform all our activities by honest, open and transparent means, whilst maintaining confidentialities at all times.  We value the integrity of our business.  Further verification of the integrity of ACHIEVE comes from the fact that Directors Dave and James Garley both hold Enhanced DBS (CRB) certification and are therefore licensed by the English FA to represent minors.

Clients & Customers

ACHIEVE promotes and implements a culture inspired by responsibility, fairness and ethics in carrying out its daily activities, paying the upmost attention to the professional conduct of its Directors, Clients and of all those who operate within the ACHIEVE framework.

Our actions and communications are inspired by the principle of transparency, ensuring that ACHIEVE is accountable for the truthfulness, accuracy and completeness of information.

We ensure the efficient management of the business by implementing the highest standards established by companies such as ourselves.

We operate in accordance with national and international regulations and implement policies to counteract all forms of illegal activity and demand full compliance with the rules of conduct by ourselves, Clients and Partners.

In accordance with this statement, we expect both our Clients and Customers to act in the same manner.

Contact us

If you would like to contact us, please do not hesitate to do so – we are always happy to have a chat and discuss your career. We don’t bite - promise!